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Disney Tinkerbell Watch with Diamond Link #MU2047 - La Century

Disney Tinkerbell Watch with Diamond Link #MU2047


Tinker Bell is a fictional character in J.M. Barrie's play and subsequent novel Peter and Wendy, as well as numerous adaptations including the widely known animated Disney film Peter Pan. In the original book and play, Tinker Bell is described as a common fairy who mends pots and kettles, i.e. a tinker, and is often referred to simply as "Tink". Though sometimes ill-behaved and vindictive, at other times she is helpful and kind to Peter (for whom she apparently has romantic feelings). The extremes in her personality are explained in-story by the fact that a fairy's size prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time. Tinker Bell, like other fairies in Barrie's works, can make it possible for others to fly, by sprinkling them with fairy dust. Watch Information Brand, Seller, or Collection Name SII Model number MU2047 Part Number MU2047 Display Type Analog Band width 8 millimeters Special features Disney Tinkerbell Watch, Silver Color Watch, Collectable Out of Production

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